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Our Mission

The world isn’t perfect. No one ever promised it was. The world is what we make of it and sometimes--we need to call upon our own strength in the same way we call upon the strength of our heroes. But how do we define a hero, and how do we define a villain?

In more ways than can be counted, Blackman is the hero that represents us all, and all we look up to. Blackman is a positive force of Good bringing shining smiles to the darkest corners of humanity. Blackman swoops on to the scene to splash waves of joy and acceptance in the face of vile stereotypes. Blackman is more than a man...Blackman is a leader in the charge against humanity’s modern super villain: The Negativity.

Together with the prowess of Blackman, we the people are called upon to take our hate, crumple it in our hands, stare at it in disgust, and launch it into the Evil Dimension of Ignorance, where The Negativity resides, and far, far away from Earth.

Join #TeamBlackman and erupt with positivity in the name of coming together to Take your HATE!

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