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Chris Fraley

Chris Fraley  aka Blackman, is an Actor/Comedian with KMA "Kiss My Ass" Productions.

Chris Fraley took his first acting class in 1995 but he's been acting (a fool) all his life. He has worked behind the scene with many actors. In 1998 after a two year hiatus from acting he was in the studio with Danny Glover who told him he needed to return to his calling, "because you only live once."


Knowing he had the ability to make people laugh he tried stand up comedy. His first gig was in Stamford, Connecticut where he was unceremoniously booed off the stage by a church group-yes (A Church Group). That's when he really knew he was funny!


Chris has since performed in many comedy clubs and has turned to comedic acting for more exposure on the Internet. One of his most rewarding comedic experiences was when he made Whoopi Goldberg belly laugh in the studio.


Chris also has an alter ego -Yolanda Jackson-which he sometimes welcomes into his act and yes "She Got Game." You can also check out Chris's acting chops in the near viral video Mel Kiper's Spring Picks.  

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